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Bosch AquaStar 2700ES

Bosch AquaStar 2400ES

3" Stainless Steel Vent Pipe

AquaStar 1600H

AquaStar 1600P

AquaStar 125 Models


Takagi Gas Water Heaters

4" Stainless Steel Vent Pipe





Paloma Gas Water Heaters


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PowerStar Electric Tankless Water Heaters


Ariston Electric Water Heaters


PowerStream Electric Tankless Water Heaters


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 Shipping and Handling Charges: 

  • Refer to order page for shipping and handing charges.  Alaska and Hawaii shipping and handling charges are approximately $75.00 and shipping UPS 2nd day air only.
  • Water Heaters are between $15.00 and $40.00 depending on the unit weight and delivery destination. 

  • Return Policy: The company does not pay for extra shipping when it is not the fault of the
    company.  A 20 restocking fee is added if the buyer changes their mind, after the product has been ordered.

  • 50% restocking fee for products that are returned and have been unboxed or  previously installed.  To eliminate the possibility of returns call us so we can help you determine which water heater best fits your needs.


Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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