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Plumbing Installation


        • READ ALL of the following before installing any Seisco Water Heater.
        • Risk of electrical shock. Disconnect all power sources before servicing.
        • Use EXTREME CAUTION when checking voltage of the Seisco Water Heater.
        • Heating element sheaths are not grounded.
        • Depending on the model being installed, the Seisco Water Heater is designed to operate from a 208v or 240v 1 or 3 phase power mains, and must be installed accordingly.
        • Models RA-14 thru RA-28 require multiple power sources. When wired directly to the breaker box, more than one double pole circuit breaker is required.
        • Where required by Code, use a Quick Disconnect Breaker adjacent to the Seisco Water Heater. Installer must be certain the main feeder wires are properly sized.
        • Refer to your local electric and plumbing codes for additional information.

Warranties are honored and supported with the following:

        • Proof that installation and service has been performed by licensed and qualified personnel.
        • Unit has been installed to meet the current National Electric Code, as well as any applicable local plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning codes.
        • Installation has followed the Seisco guidelines as outlined below.
        • There is no soldering of the unit directly to the water lines.
        • Wiring from the Seisco Water Heater has been attached to the Main Power Circuit Breaker Panel, as shown on the wiring diagram attached to the inside of the unit’s cover.
        • If using stranded wire, ensure all strands are in secure placement in the terminal block. A loose strand in contact with the circuit board can either damage the board or impair performance of the Seisco Water Heater.
        • Pre-Power Check, Power Check and Operational Checks have been performed as outlined below.



Parts included:

    1. Seisco Water Heater

    2. Screws

    3. Owner’s Manual

    4. Copy of electrical and plumbing installation

        • Do not cut through the shipping carton with a sharp instrument.
        • Stand unit upright (3/4" pipes up)
        • Remove plastic wrap
        • Remove front cover
        • Look for mounting holes in the metal back plate (thru the rubber feet)
        • Hold unit in upright position
        • Attach to wall with supplied screws or 1/4" or larger lag bolts, minimum of 1-1/2" long
        • Optional Items (may be needed, not included as standard)
          • Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve
          • Drain Pan



Install the proper size circuit breaker (See Product Specifications). Be sure that the unit is connected to power supply circuits in the following manner:

    Models RA-1.5 through RA-11:

      Attach one PAIR of wires within the unit at power circuit 1 (PC1)

          One wire to L1

          One wire to L2

          Attach to one 2-pole breaker

        International connections may be different Please consult Microtherm 

    Models RA-14 through RA-22:

      Same as above PLUS

      Attach a second pair of wires within the unit at power circuit 2 (PC2)

          One wire to L1

          One wire to L2

          Attach pairs of feeders to two (2) pole breakers, such that the total load will be balanced.

        International connections may be different Please consult Microtherm 

    Model RA-28

      Same as RA-14 through RA-22 PLUS

      Attach a third and fourth pair of wires at power circuits 3 and 4 (PC3 and PC4)

      Two additional breakers are required for power circuits 3 and 4 (PC 3 and PC 4).

International connections may be different Please consult Microtherm 


After all electrical connections have been made, installer must make every effort to verify a safe installation:

            • All connections in the unit disconnect and/or circuit breaker panel are secure.
            • An adequate ground has been properly connected.
            • Adequate size breakers have been installed properly.
            • Remember: Breakers that are too large are more dangerous than breakers that are too small.
            • Run water through the unit until air is purged.


Perform ONLY AFTER the Pre-Power Check has been completed and the Seisco Water Heater is filled with water.

Use EXTREME CAUTION when checking the voltage of the unit.


            • Turn on Main Power Circuit Breakers
            • Verify that the Seisco Water Heater’s POWER ON indicator and LIMIT lights are illuminated.
            • Check voltage available to each active power circuit by connecting a voltmeter at power circuit 1 (PC1) between L1 and L2. (all L1's should be at the same voltage)
            • For models with multiple power circuits utilized, continue to check voltage at each additional power circuit.


    Purging air:

            • Pick any sink
            • Turn water on MEDIUM FLOW
            • Allow water to run for a couple of minutes

    You will hear a "click" as the PCB relays engage. It is normal to hear a "small hiss" noise from the heat exchanger as the unit is started.

    Disregard the water temperature during the following:

            • With the unit’s cover removed, verify with a clamp-on ampmeter that there is electrical current through each heating element circuit.

    TURN OFF faucets after verifying the above.



    Thermostat settings are factory preset to approximately 118 degrees F (47.7C) with a control on the circuit

    board. For other settings, always be cautious as hotter water is often unnecessary.



Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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