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Compare How Much You Can Save Your Energy!  

Check your existing tank type water heater and see how much money you are spending

"Energy Guide"  tested by the Department of Energy (DOE)

It was assumed that the typical family of 4 uses 63 gallons of hot water per day and that for a comfortable water temperature, a 77F temperature rise was needed.

Natural Gas ($116/year)
8.35 (lbs./gal H2O) x 63 (gal/day)  x77F/0.823=51310(BTU/day) 
51310 (BTU/day) x 365 (day/year)/100000 (BTU/Therm) x 0.619 ($/Therm) = $116/year
LP Gas Model ($187/year)
8.35 (lbs./gal H2O) x 63 (gal/day)  x 77F/0.847=49254(BTU/day) 
49254 (BTU/day) x 365 (day/year)/91333 (BTU/gal) x 0.95 ($/gal) = $187/year

Takagi instantaneous gas water heaters can produce endless hot water.  The heater only works and consumes energy when you need hot water.  It does not require a pilot light!  Which means, you save lots of money on gas consumption every month!

Takagi instantaneous gas water heaters provide hot water, endlessly, for a variety of home and commercial applications.


Natural Gas Model
Energy Guide label of T-k1 (Takagi) tankless water heater.  Natural gas model.
Propane Model

Energy Guide label for T-K1 (Takagi) tankless water heater.  Propane model.

Why does AEIMM not supply TM-1 pricing?

Takagi has asked that TM-1 pricing not be online.   While you may find pricing online from other retailers we have decided to comply with the request of the manufacturer.   Please be aware that the requirements for the TM-1 are much different than other tankless water heaters and requires that a licensed plumber review the installation manual and your installation prior to ordering.  If you would like retail pricing for the TM-1 please email AEIMM@globaltowne.com 

If your licensed plumber or plumbing company would like to set up a company account and purchase at trade pricing call 888-726-9752. 

Our Technical Support Department has been in the tankless industry for over 25 years, installing tankless water heaters in the residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

Together we have decided that it is better to provide good service to our customers than to just "make a sale".   We prefer to sell our customers products that suite their needs and not to create unnecessary distress and financial strain on our customers by allowing them to easily buy a product that may not suite the needs.


Takagi TK2 Takagi TK1



Takagi Tk-2 Natural Gas     Includes wall mounting brackets 

 See installation manual


buynow.gif (475 bytes) $869.00

Takagi/Flash TK-1NG (Natural Gas)  price includes wall bracket





Takagi Tk-2 Propane  Includes wall mounting brackets

See installation manual






Takagi/Flash TK-1P (Propane) price includes wall bracket 






Tk-2 LP/Propane, wall brackets, relief valve and Temperature remote control


Tk-1 Propane, wall brackets, relief valve and temperature remote control



Tk-2 NG/Natural Gas wall brackets, relief valve and temperature remote control


Tk-1 Natural Gas, wall brackets, relief valve and Temperature remote control


  Temperature Remote Control $120.00 Takagi Wall Vent Terminator  $67.00


Watts 40XL-5 $55.00


   Tjernlund Wall Vent Terminator  $74.00

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Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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